Focus Your Content Marketing Efforts

The consumer is not the only one favored through the free market system. As small business owners come online more and more, they can benefit as well. Market research is more available than ever before, and growing daily. It is not difficult to see who reads your content the most, their age, gender, and most importantly, their needs. Carving out your niche and pursuing it is where the most benefit lies. No more do you only concentrate in your ideal customer, but also your present ones.

Carving out a niche through the language you write in is easier with long tail keywords. This concept means that your content marketing efforts are more aligned with how people actually search for products and services online.

For example, nonprofit organizations solicit volunteers, donations, and businesses to donate their products or services. When people are in need of their resources, they will likely search terms like 'local charities' or "where can I get help with my bills?" google makes this even easier with their search box that instantly updates as you type.

On the other hand, small businesses will likely need to focus more on reviews, customer feedback, and their online customer service. Their content should include terms that describe their product or service: 'cheap websites' or 'where to buy low cost iPhone cases.'

Competition in your market becomes less when you focus on your niche. Concentrate on the clients you want to consult with or the industries that will need your services. What is their lingo? What sites do they frequent (message boards, social media)? And, what problem can you help them solve?

It is not better to be the jack of all trades, but master of none.

Easy Newsletter Steps for Small Business

When consulting with small businesses about this form of content marketing, I am often surprised at how little value they place on it. The investment is very small in comparison to the rewards available for business owners.

A systematic approach to a newsletter is the best way to keep readers engaged and willing to open yours instead of marking it read, moving it to spam, or worse -- unsubscribing. If someone has subscribed to your newsletter, it is likely they are eager to learn something or solve a problem that they may have.

Honest and Informative Headlines are always the best way to go! Catchy headings are great, but if someone clicks the link to open the newsletter, and the information within is not in line with the headline, your audience is less likely to continue reading or stay subscribed. Don't use keywords that will only draw people in, but disappoint them once they began to read.

Get To The Point Quickly and readers will be more willing to stay subscribed and actually read what you spent so much time compiling. Similar to a press release in that the major details should be mentioned in the first paragraph, then explained; it is important that you not take your readers time for granted. Let them know immediately what they are to gain by reading your weekly, monthly, or quarterly periodical.

Be Consistent. This can be the most difficult if you are doing the newsletter on your own, but more engagement and return on investment is available when prospective and current customers know when to expect your newsletter. Easier said than done, but definitely worth the time. This can be the start of a new habit that will bring forth residual rewards.

Use Graphics and Be Original. Readers still place value on what you have to say and what is perceived as genuine versus copied. Clever sayings and graphics that have been recycled on Facebook, Twitter, or in other email lists should never greet your readers eyes. They are giving you their attention, so you can give them something original. Use what you see as inspiration, not for imitation. Graphics are an excellent way to engage the readers other senses as well.

Provide Exclusive Offers or Other Incentives. With the popularity and effectiveness of the newsletter, businesses are adopting them more and more, and for good reason. Why should readers be a part of your list, what makes your information more valuable than others. Give them an incentive for being loyal by providing good content, but also giving them offers not available to others who are not subscribed.

Implementing these steps can be an awesome way of kick-starting your content marketing plan.