Google Adwords Express Review PLUS Give-A-Way

The Google machine has yet again produced a small business owner's resource that is both necessary and affordable. Google Adwords Express is an edited, more efficient version of Google Adwords. With this service, you can have an ad running quickly, edit it just as easily, and improve it without long delays. Google is also allowing people to try their service for free!

NOTE: This is my own experience with Google Adwords Express. This blog is not a paid advertisement in anyway, rather a review for prospective users of the service.  

Things you will need to get your ad running: 

  • Google Maps or Google Places listing
  • Google email 
  • Bank account or credit card for future payments
  • Some knowledge of keywords

I was contacted by Google about the service, and walked through every single step. The direct address to access the service is: I was directed to access it from 'Google Places' which is probably the best way to access it if you use other Google services.

There are three tabs once signed in, Dashboard, Google Adwords Express, and Offers. Clicking Google Adwords will display a message with the updated address (above). From this page, I can share an update on my Google Plus page, see the top search queries for my existing ads, and so much more. On the right sidebar, in the "improve your listing" section -- I see the option to "create a listing." If at anytime I am confused or left with no answer, I see my Google Customer ID at the top right hand corner of the screen to get me to an operator.

Sidebar: I was also informed that by utilizing paid Google services, customers can use their customer ID to get answers to other Google questions they may have unrelated to Adwords Express.

***If you sign in directly from their webpage: -- this is what you will see:

From the dashboard I am able to see my current ads performance, as well as manage my ads with a click of the mouse. As you choose your ad category, the headline, budget, and which contact information is to be displayed, the preview is on the right. 

Your minimum budget will be based on the category the ad is in. Writing any part of the ad in all caps will delay the ad from running, as this is against the rules and ads are approved before running. The character limits for each line of your ad really helps you get creative and narrow your target. You can also choose whether clicking the ad will take leads to your G+ page or your website. Other options on this page include, call monitoring, map preview, and the ability to deactivate or pause current ads. 

Overall, I like this much better than previous Adwords experiences; including Google and other major search engines. I can contact my representative and know that I will be called back. My ad is priority, and my time is valuable -- no verbose explanations or super long hold times either. Additionally, I like the ability to tweak my ad at will and use the dashboard suggestions in conjunction with Google Insights, to have the most targeted audience for my keywords

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Do you use Google Adwords? Do you like it?