New Years Web Marketing To-Do List

Getting started in 2013 with your web marketing plan is not the same as previous years. Now, even more than times past, we all must have a plan.

There are so many channels of marketing on the web for businesses to use that the sheer volume can be overwhelming, and result in no action -- which can be deadly.

First, decide what channels or tools you would like to use. There are dozens of social media and networking sites that have been effective for web marketing. But the results are completely dependent on the user and frequency.

With that said, a focus is a must. What sites have you found to be most effective for your competitors or allies? Maybe they will work for you, maybe not. Study them and get a feel for how to use them. Get comfortable with sites you want to use, maybe using them for personal use first before using them for business.

Next, write down the goals you hope to achieve with these sites. Facebook and twitter have become social media giants because of their vision for how they would be used. They have both used a systematic approach to the features, not overwhelming people with everything all at once. One major pitfall made with social marketing is using every tool the same way. Just like an allen wrench cannot be substituted for a hammer -- each site is designed in a unique way, with a unique purpose.

For example, Pinterest success depends on the popularity of the image in relation to interests. No matter how wonderful the message beneath, the image is the focus. People will also re-pin your pins based on the board they're on, and their descriptions. Instagram is also propelled by images, but more personal than interest-based. It is perfectly okay for people to post several pictures of themselves on Instagram (may be annoying) while this is not okay on Pinterest. So be sure to have a unique approach to each site.

Choose the sites you will use and focus on those. Do not attempt to use everything all at once. A good mix might include blogging, twitter, and Facebook. If doing these tasks yourself, these duties alone will keep you busy; outsourcing them can be a benefit as well. From personal experience, it is better to master the tools you are using and add more, than to start what you cannot finish. Persistence is the key, and flexibility to admit mistakes, and start again is essential.

Get Started! Even if adjustments must be made during the process, and mistakes are made, it is more beneficial to take action, instead of remaining in the planning stage. Procrastination is the enemy to our success. Let us conquer every obstacle in 2013 that has held us back in the past.

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